1.         Register in the Parish: Parents of the child to be baptized should register as members of the St. Ann Parish or at their other parish for at least three (3) months prior to initiating the process for baptism.

2.         Contact the Baptism Coordinator: Set an appointment to initiate the process. Mrs. Veronica Matias 561-832-3757 ext 304

  1. Required Documentation for Baptism: The following items are required to be submitted to the parish’s Baptism Coordinator prior to the baptism being scheduled:

(A baptism will not be scheduled until the Baptism Preparation Program is completed and all documents are submitted to the Parish Office.)

√          A completed Baptismal Application

√          A letter from parish (other than St. Ann) stating that godparents are confirmed, active/registered members of that community (for at least three (3) months).

√          A letter confirming attendance at a Baptismal Preparation Class (here or at another Catholic parish).

√          If one of the parents is non-Catholic, he/she must provide the church with written correspondence which states that they agree that the child(ren) will be raised in the Catholic faith. Additionally, they are encouraged to attend and participate in the Baptismal Preparation Program.

√          The parents or at least one of the parents or the person who lawfully takes their place, must give consent for the lawful baptism of an infant. There must be a well-founded hope that the infant will be brought up in the Catholic religion