Guidelines and Parish expectations of the Confirmation Candidates

Confirmation candidates, their parents and their sponsors must show readiness for the sacrament by fulfilling the following parish expectations.


1- Will collaborate with the program by helping the candidate to come to all the assigned classes, arriving on time, and participating in the scheduled parent meeting.

2- Will come to the Confirmation Retreat at the assigned time.

3- Will motivate the candidate, by word and example, to attend weekly Sunday Mass.



1- Will fulfill the requisites of sponsorship

a. Be a fully initiated Catholic 16 years or older (must be baptized, confirmed and received communion).

b. If married must have the marriage sacramentally blessed by the Catholic Church.

c. Must be active participating member of a Catholic parish, attend Mass regularly, and have the capacity to receive communion on the day of Confirmation.

2- Sponsors will attend to the meetings scheduled for them.

3- Sponsors will help the candidate in his/her journey by mentoring him/her in the faith and actively inquiring about the candidate’s progress in the classes by meeting with them several times during the year.



1- Each candidate shall strive to conduct him/herself as a Christian at school, at home and in outside activities.

2- Each candidate will make prayer a special part of his/her life, especially by the practice of weekly Mass attendance. He/she will also demonstrate an understanding of the healing power of God by regular participation in the Rite of Reconciliation and confession.

3- Each candidate will actively participate in two service projects with their class, supervised by their catechists and Director of Religious Education.

4- Each candidate is expected to participate in a retreat day and all activities planned in the program.

6- Each candidate will commit himself /herself to furthering his/her Catholic religious training.