Rite of Crhistian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) SPONSOR REGISTRATION

Do you feel comfortable being partnered with a candidate or catechumen who may have little or no knowledge of the Catholic faith?      __Yes   __No

Last Name: _______________________First Name: ______________________

Familiar Name ________  (e.g. First Name–James, Familiar Name–Jim):

Address: ____________________________ City: __________________Zip: _____________

E-Mail Address*: _______________________________________________________________

My best phone contact is- – Home_________________ Cell ____________________

Work Occupation: __________________________________Work # _______________________________

Date of Birth: Month ____ Day ___ Year_____  Place of Birth: City/State ________________

Are you registered with Saint Ann Parish? Yes No If no, please list Catholic parish.

To what parish organizations do you belong?                        ____ None at this time ____________________________________________________________________________

What gifts do you bring to RCIA?

______ Listening ______ Organizing ______ Hospitality ______ Providing transportation ______ Serving at meals/receptions ______ Artistic ability ______ Telephoning ______ Time ______ Planning special events, etc. ______ Praying ______ Other (please explain) ___________________________________________________

What do you know about RCIA? ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________

Have you ever been a sponsor before? ____ Yes ____ No If yes, what parish (name, city & state): __________________________________ What year: _____________________

What are your expectations of the parish RCIA process? _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________

Please list the (approximate) YEAR (not your age) that you were confirmed in the Catholic Church: ______

Current Marital Status:

__Single          __Married in the Catholic Church by Priest/Deacon or        __with Dispensation __Engaged __Divorced      __Married outside the Catholic Church         __Widowed

If applicable: Spouse’s Full Name: _________________________________________________

Do you know someone attending RCIA that you want to sponsor? __Yes__ No  If Yes, Name: _________________________Phone: _______

*Email addresses are frequently used by the RCIA team to send reminder messages to class participants. Your email address will not be shared with others.