Selecting Godparents:

The Church requests two godparents. Godparents play a very important role in your child’s spiritual life. They should serve as role models of the faith. The child should be able to look to their godparent as an example of how the church teaches us to live our Catholic faith. They should support not only the child but the parents as well. Additionally, in their role as godparent, they represent the larger Church community. The St. Ann Parish strictly adheres to Canon Law and Diocesan policies in all aspects of baptism.

Godparents are expected to:

□          Accompany the parent/guardian during the time of baptismal preparation.

□          Present the infant child for baptism.

□          Be active stewards regarding the continuing faith journey of the child.

□          Assist in guiding the child in the Catholic faith.

To be admitted to the role of godparent, a person must:

√.         Be designated by the parent/guardian.

√.         Be at least 16 years of age.

√.         Be practicing Catholic who participates in the Eucharistic celebration on Sundays (e.g., attends Mass regularly, is in good sacramental standing, and is able to receive Holy Communion).

√.         Be a fully initiated Catholic (e.g., someone who has been baptized, confirmed, and received First Communion in the Catholic Church), who leads a life of faith in keeping with the function to be taken on.

√.         Not be restricted from such a role due to any canonical penalty or impediment.

√.         Not be the father or mother of the one to be baptized.

√.         If they are parishioners of a parish other than St. Ann, present a letter (a certificate) from their home parish pastor attesting that they are a practicing Catholic and in good standing.

√.         Be present for the baptism. If it is impossible to be in attendance, a proxy is acceptable.


□          If there are two godparents, one must be male and the other female.

□          The two godparents do not necessarily have to be married to each other (a brother and a sister; an uncle and a friend).

□          A baptized person who belongs to a non-Catholic church may be a witness to the baptism. At least one Catholic godparent is required.