The St. Ann Food Pantry has been distributing food to those in need in the downtown.
West Palm Beach area for over 25 years. Currently the food pantry gives out food to
125-150 families every Thursday and Friday. The food pantry is located behind the
Parish office at 310 N Olive Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33401.
Donations- The pantry is supported through donations from our church parishioners,
community and school. Without this generosity, the food pantry would not be able to
operate. Area churches, organizations, grocery stores, and individuals support the
pantry through food donations. We are blessed and thankful for the many who support
our pantry, giving so generously to the many who are food insecure in the Palm Beach
All food items that are donated may not be expired or opened.  Food donations may be.
brought to any Mass or brought to the Parish or School Office.  Those with large size
donations should contact the Parish Office at 561-832-3757 ext. to make arrangements for
delivery.  Monetary donations can be sent to St. Ann Food Pantry 310 N. Olive Ave.
West Palm Beach, Fl. 33401 Attn: Mary Collaro
Volunteers- The St. Ann Food Pantry is staffed by volunteers from the parish and
community. Including our head of the food pantry Mary Collaro who has graciously
volunteered for over 20 years. If you are interested in volunteering to pick up food from
area organizations on an as needed basis, please call the church office 561-832-3757. ext. 308

We, the people of St. Ann, will continue to grow deeper
in our faith, walking humbly with our God, through Christ.
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